The Secretariat welcomes you to TASMUN!

Niralee S.

Co-Secretary General

It is both an honour and a privilege to welcome each and every one of you to TASMUN VIII. With the MUN experiences of all on the Secretariat being so multifaceted and diverse, I am confident that TASMUN VIII will be nothing short of successful. As you step into the maelstrom of debate on the eclectic mix of committee issues that is TASMUN, I sincerely hope that every single one of you walk away with a greater understanding of our world and the issues that beleaguer it and an inspiration to turn our words into action, like TASMUN V did for me three years ago.

TASMUN VIII will be my 13th conference, including currently serving as the Secretary General of Junior Online Model United Nations (jrO-MUN), and I’ve loved it ever since my first. Apart from MUN, I am also an enthusiast of the visual arts and enjoy dancing and doing gymnastics. It is my honour to serve as your Secretary General and I look forward to meeting all of you in April!

Florence L.

Deputy Secretary General

I hope all of you are as excited as I am - maybe more! - to jump into action at TASMUN VIII this year. Four years ago, when I signed up for TASMUN IV, I wanted to feel more confident at a podium and understand current issues (in other words, to all the first time delegates, or anyone whose heart pounds at the thought of speaking before an audience: I've been where you are!). Little did I know that over the past few years, MUN has not only helped me accomplish my original goals, but also given me opportunities I had never dreamed of. I've met amazing friends in Taiwan and overseas that I still talk to, and this year, I'm delighted to meet all of you as one of your DSGs!

I think it's safe to say that I'm now a pretty big fan of MUN, and I welcome everyone to join me and my fellow Secretariat members in making TASMUN VIII a constructive and exciting experience. In addition to MUN, I'm a huge fan of all things cute - especially puppies and cafes. At school, I'm a fan of scientific research and playing the violin. I also love doodling and handlettering. When I see you all in April, please feel free to say hi and chat with me about what you love - whether it's MUN or something else entirely!

Ryan S.

Co-Secretary General

With open arms and an open mind, I personally welcome you to TASMUN VIII! As my 12th conference since I started MUN in the 7th grade, I can promise you that I will put forth my expertise and experience in ensuring the conference would be a huge success, in all aspects possible.

From the beginning, I’ve fell in love with MUN and proceeded to strive only for excellence, and have since been to five overseas conferences. My favorite part about doing MUN is having the opportunity to meet and socialize with other individuals, and being able to discuss both serious problems facing the world right now as well as the recent games on the Steam sale. Aside from playing computer games and MUN, I enjoy playing the piano, participating in the school orchestra as a violist, as well as playing chess (feel free to challenge me to a game anytime!).

Alex H.

Deputy Secretary General

I am beyond thrilled to welcome you all to TASMUN VIII! As your DSG this April, I can promise you that this will be quite the experience -- but I'll leave that up to you to explore for yourself. I can safely say that I have no regrets about that day when I chose to step down the path of model UN. Not only has it opened up doors where none existed, it opened up my eyes to the hidden intricacies buried deep down the puzzle of life. You will walk out of the experience feeling like not just a more informed individual, but a better person.

Now that that’s out there, I enjoy cooking (still working on that one), traveling and coding. I’m also a fan of graphic design and illustrations. That being said, it never hurts to add more to that list. I would love to hear about -- well, anything you have to say, really. If you happen to see me around at TASMUN, please feel free to enlighten me with your take on all things mankind!

Janice Y.

Deputy Secretary General

You are about to step into a realm of unknown possibilities, intense disputes, and drastic action that is Model United Nations here at Taipei American School. If you have the fortune of being a Student Officer at TASMUN VIII, or a delegate in the Historical Crisis Committee, you will have the pleasure of working with me at my erudite and erratic best. This year, I will be serving jointly as your DSG of Chairing as well as President of the Historical Crisis Committee.

TASMUN VIII marks my 14th conference, half of which will have been spent chairing or on a conference Secretariat, and another half of what’s left in a Crisis Committee. Yes, I am a math person, and also a very ardent feminist. My other big passion is to have deep conversations with strangers about our purpose in this world, so please strike up one with me anytime.

Kerry L.

Deputy Secretary General

Hello everyone! My name is Kerry and I am currently a 11th grader at Taipei American School, and I will be serving as a DSG for TASMUN this year!

MUN is one of my favorite hobbies because not only am I able to argue with others, I can also learn more about what is going on in the world. I first started doing MUN when I was in 6th grade as the tiniest delegate in the room, and have continued to do MUN ever since. Currently, I have attended 11 conferences, including many conferences in Taiwan and 3 overseas conferences. My hobbies include playing badminton, basketball and League of Legends! I also love the LA Lakers NBA team! I am excited for TASMUN 2017 and hope to see you all very soon!