Our officers will help guide delegates as they search for strong solutions for future generations.

Commission on Disarmament and International Security (CDIS)

Commission I:

  • Melissa C. (TAS)
  • Emily W. (TAS)
  • Serin K. (AISC)

Commission II:

  • David W. (TAS)
  • Celina P. (TES)
  • Justin Z. (TAS)

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Council I:

  • Oliver F. (TAS)
  • Azim B. (IBST)
  • Andrew X. (TAS)

Council II:

  • Iris H. (TAS)
  • Jacob C. (IBSH)
  • Eden P. (Pu Tai)

Environmental Commission

Commission I:

  • Si Yun E. (TAS)
  • Jonathan C. (IBST)
  • Bram V. (TAS)

Commission II:

  • Ethan W. (TAS)
  • Sarah S. (TAS)
  • McKenzie E. (TAS)

Human Rights Council

Council I:

  • Salina K. (PAS)
  • Cindy L. (TAS)

Council II:

  • Ginny H. (DIS)
  • Anna C. (TAS)
  • William L. (TAS)

Social and Humanitarian Council (SOCHUM)

Council I:

  • Sherry C. (TES)
  • Stanford C. (TAS)
  • Martin L. (TAS)

Council II:

  • Eliot W. (TAS)
  • Catherine L. (TAS)
  • Henry T. (AST)

Security Council

  • April T. (TAS)
  • Arvin W. (PAS)
  • Kelly P. (TAS)

Historical Crisis Committee

  • Janice Y. (TAS)
  • Dylan S. (TAS)
  • Jaden Y. (TAS)

UN4MUN Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW)

  • Jonathan K H. (TAS)
  • Alexander L. (TAS)
  • Bella S. (IBSH)

Advisory Panel on APEC (APQAPEC)

  • Sarah H. (TAS)
  • Jenny L. (TAS)

Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL)

  • Selene K. (TAS)
  • Yan Ying M. (TAS)
  • Dhirpal S. (TAS)