Secretaries General

Yan Ying and Yasmin

Secretaries General

Esteemed Delegates, Student Officers and Directors,

We are your Secretaries-General, Yan Ying and Yasmin, and we’d like to warmly welcome you to our tenth annual TASMUN conference hosted in Taipei, Taiwan.

Our individual MUN journeys began in the middle school, with conferences to Shanghai, Malaysia, and Singapore. Even though our experiences have differed in our choice of committees, the associated topics, and the respective themes, one conference always united the two of us: TASMUN.

The TAS MUN program has not only taught us various skills related to research, public speaking, and diplomatic skills,

but it also catalyzed our growth as globally conscious citizens of the international community. To us, TASMUN is more than just an annual home conference, it is an opportunity to further understand the diverse experiences of humankind through our engagement with those within and outside our community.

TASMUN constantly challenged and surprised us with innovative twists each and every year. We witnessed the conference’s evolution from a relatively smaller conference with a select number of schools, to incorporating UN4MUN procedures, and finally incorporating the true essence of MUN Impact through Sustainable Development Goal aimed committees. TASMUN, as a conference, strives to extend MUN beyond the level of superficial debate - we strive to make a true difference.

To mark the 10th year of TASMUN, we’ve decided to focus on our generation’s future by looking into our past. Though our predecessors have achieved milestones, it has come with colossal consequences. Our generation faces the burden of re-stabilizing our botched foundations while making plans for a sustainable future. We must not dwell on these setbacks, however, we must advance collaboratively with the right priorities. Therefore, the Sustainable Development goal we chose to focus on for TASMUN X is Goal 11: Sustainable Communities and Cities. As the world around us continues to expand and urbanize at an exponential rate, we need to ensure our future isn’t built at the expense of our health, the environment, and vulnerable populations.

Our generation will not be known as the generation of procrastinators. We must not leave the problems of yesterday till today, and today till tomorrow. We must be willing to focus our individual efforts on creating global sustainability for the benefit of our future and the generations to come. Despite what you may have been told in the past, we believe that each and every one of you has the potential to make a genuine impact in your community and TASMUN can serve as the first step in the direction of change.

We would like to extend our gratitude to you for expressing interest in our conference, and look forward to your attendance at TASMUN X, 2019.

Yan Ying M. and Yasmin H.
Secretaries General