Esteemed Delegates, Student Officers and Directors,

It is in my greatest pleasure to welcome you to the ninth annual TASMUN conference held in Taipei, Taiwan, from April 28th to 29th, 2018!

The roots of my very own passion in Model United Nations began here at TASMUN, and I have watched it flourish and grow in the last 5 years. I am excited to expand upon the efforts of past TASMUN conferences to place global impact as a priority of the purpose of our conference. What makes us a uniquely different conference is our beliefs and our Model UN culture that we continue to build upon at our school, with our students and participants that come to TASMUN. Not only do we promote the importance of diplomacy, negotiation, teamwork, critical thinking and understanding complex global issues that continuously strive to challenge our participants; we also excel as a conference that seeks to provide innumerable opportunities year to year for delegates, chairs and participants alike to grow in comprehending their individual importance as leaders of the community, and emerging leaders of our world.

Our efforts to “pay it forward” are enforced in our yearly Afghanistan Drive Initiative, fundraising for HELA (Hope and Education for Leadership in Afghanistan), an organization which works to spread Model United Nations to Afghan teenagers that we have consistently kept up with in the last 3 years at TASMUN. This year, we are also further enforcing our stance firmly in partnering with a new fruit of QLC 2017, MUN Impact. We seek to evolve the culture of Model UN by assisting our participants in understanding the value of action and activism especially in these tumultuous times in areas that MUN focuses on, international issues. The focus of this year’s conference structure not only strives to promote impact through MUN, but also to evaluate and to take further consideration of the Sustainable Development Goals. In taking initiative to achieve the SDGs, the power of impact through MUN will be prominent - and that is what I would like to ask all participants of TASMUN IX to work toward. With that, we will be the living and breathing impact of MUN and our contribution to our community.

I would like to extend my gratitude in your highly valued interest for coming to TASMUN, and I anticipate your attendance to share this momentous experience with us in April 2018.

Si Yun
Secretaries General